Viruse & Spyware Removal

We'll get the little buggers out

Backing Up Data Then Removing Viruses, Trojans, Malware and other nasties

Backing Up Service

If you haven’t backed up your DATA, which is very naughty of you.

You should back up your important documents, photos, etc: before anyone works on your PC or laptop.

Remember the golden rule, Shit Happens and you could loose everything

We will back up your data and store it for a week on our servers.
We will back up your data to our servers and then move your data back to your desktop after reinstalling windows.
We can backup your data to an external hard drive you provided us, then you can do what you want with your data

What ever option you choose Backing Up Data will Cost $55.00 No More To Pay

How We Clean Out The Nasties

After we have backed up your data, if requested, we start repairing your PC / Laptop.

There are many methods depending on the problem your machine has.

If your problem looks like its a software issue.
Then most times we need to remove your hard drive and load it up in our testing server and test the internal working of the hard drive.
If the hard drive is OK then we can work on fixing Windows.

Some fixes can be a simple code entered in the right place to get windows to Boot.
It may just need a virus clean.
It may need to have all the Malware removed
Other times its in need of a complete reinstall of Windows

We scan for all Viruses, Malwares, Trojans, ransom-wares and other unwanted programs and apps and adjust setting to speed up your device.

Doing a service as mentioned above will cost you $55.00 CAPPED No More to Pay

Resetting / Factory Default

Often this method is the best, quickest and most efficient method of cleaning out all the nasties.
Sometimes the damage caused is impossible to repair even after we have removed all the viruses, they may have permanently damaged your files.

So the only option is to reinstall Windows

Reinstall Windows / Reset Windows / Factory Default will cost you $55.00 No More to Pay