Laptop & Notebook Repairs

Booting & Starting Problems - Broken Screens - Overheating - Water Damage - Hinge Repairs - Replacement Power Adapters & Batteries

Windows Trouble, Broken Screens, Busted Hinges, Water Spills & Over Heating

Windows Not Working

ERROR CODES, Blue Screens, Looping at start-up
Black Screen with white writing or just not starting

If Windows is giving you trouble then bring it in and let us have a look at it for you.
Remember to bring in the Power Adapter/Battery Charger as-well.

Servicing Cost is capped at $55.00

Broken Screen

Cracked or Broken Screen on your Laptop or Notebook.
Strange characters on screen.
Oil on Water look about the screen,
Screen stuck on one colour.
These are some of the symptoms of a faulty LCD LED screen.

Today’s HD 4K screens or touch screens are very expensive we will quote for replacement.
Screens we use come with a 12 month screen replacement against manufacturing defects

As a bit of an idea a standard screen replacement $250.00

Liquid Spill Into Laptop

Oh Dear, This is not good

It only takes one tiny little spittle of moisture to fry
out a motherboard in a laptop.
Most times if you have spilled liquid into your laptop
it’s “TOAST” and is a right off.

Your data and files should be ok.
We can do a Data Backup/Recovery. $55.00

We are happy to do an Insurance Report & Quote to Fix or Supply Replacement.
This will give your insurance company with all the information they require.

Insurance Report Fee

Is paid by you, but will be paid back to you by your insurance company.

Cost for Insurance Report.  $88.00

Over Heating

Laptops are like cars.
They have a radiator & fans for cooling.
They even have liquid circulating in copper tubes,
called Heat-Pipes, some-what like a mini fridge
Laptops used on beds, cushions, Doona’s, carpet or even on your lap,
will suck in all the dust, fluff and lint and clog up the radiator.
Which cause your laptop to over heat.
This can cause the video chip or CPU to fail
You may then need to replace your laptop.

We can do a complete cooling system service on your laptop.
The laptop will need to be completely dismantled.
The radiator and fan will be removed & cleaned.
Then heat sinks are removed & cleaned, new heat transfer paste reapplied.
Then re-assemble and test your laptop.
This service is not cheap as there’s a lot of work disassembling & reassembling.
But still cheaper than a new laptop

This Cooling Service costs approximately $220 to $250

Broken Hinges

Broken hinges on your laptop can be repaired.
don’t leave it to late to get your busted hinge repaired,
as its only going to get worse and the other hinge will break.

Hinge repairs cost about $190 to $250 depending on the damage

Power Adapters & Batteries

Replacement Power Adapters and Batteries

We are able to supply most types of power adapters / Battery Chargers for your laptop or note book.
These are original or Generic replacements,
Chargers are priced from about $45 to $90
Batteries range in price from about $65 to $140

Second hand original chargers in stock priced at $40.00