$55.00 - Capped No More to Pay

We Keep our Discount Prices Capped at $55.00 - No Hourly Rates - Ensuring Affordable Repairs & Service

Dr. Ned's Computer Store - NO hourly rates

No Call-out Fees – No Hourly Rates, we just fix it and charge $55.00

$55.00 Capped - No More to Pay


No More To Pay

If I fix your PC or Laptop with out using parts its only $55.00 No More to Pay

OK, your going to have to bring the desktop or laptop into me and you may have to leave it a day or two.
But its worth unplugging it and bringing it in to me at Parkwood, as it only going to cost you $55.00

You could call the likes of Super Geek or Geek Mobile and pay them hundreds of dollars call out fee plus hourly rates – or

Bring it to me and pay just $55.00 – No More To Pay – CAPPED

We use a KVM Switch – Keyboard, Video, Mouse, which means we can connect up to 8 desktops up to one Keyboard One monitor and one mouse.
This allows us to work on more than one computer at a time.

No Hourly Rates

So while I’m scanning your PC for viruses I can move to the next PC and repair theirs – Up to 8 repairs at the same time.
So its not fair charging you an hourly rate when I’m working on another customers PC.

Where is Dr. Ned’s Computers

We work from our Parkwood Home Computer Garage Workshop / Office, (see on Google Maps)
This therefore allows us to pass on the savings to you of not having a shop with expensive rent.
So in conclusion, By all means give me a call or send a TxT and we can discus your computer problems,

Phone or TXT :   0414 49 45 46

Additionally you could fill in the Contact Us Form Below.