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ADSL2+ with Home Phone

  • TPG offers ADSL2+ with Home Phone service to customers who currently have:
  • - An active phone line - Customer must be able to make AND receive phone calls, or
  • - An inactive phone line - A phone line has been connected to your house (i.e. you have phone sockets), but no current phone service uses those sockets to make or receive calls.
  • - An active Naked DSL service with another provider - Transfer your existing Naked DSL service to ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone.
  • Provision of ADSL2+ with TPG Home phone is subject to Service Qualification Check upon registration.
  • Your ADSL2+ with TPG Home phone application takes approximately 10 working days however in some cases can take up to 20 working days.
best mobile phone plan


Best Mobile Plan

$500 Included Value^

  • Calls, SMS & MMS to Standard Australian Numbers (includes 13/18)
  • Calls, SMS & MMS to International Numbers

100mb Included Data

  • Excess Data Rate: 10¢ per MB (charged per KB or part thereof)


Unlimited Calls to TPG Mobile
Unlimited Calls to TPG Home Phone



Dr. Ned Sells TPG Internet


More Bang For Your Buck Than Telstra & Optus

TPG has released a range of six NBN (National Broadband Network) Internet and Home Phone Bundle plans. TPG's new plans have been designed to offer flexibility, simplicity and market leading value.

TPG's NBN plans start from $59.99 per month for download speed of up to 12Mbps, and $89.99 per month for download speed of up to 100Mbps. All plans come with unlimited data usage.

TPG's NBN plans come with a Wi-Fi router and no lock-in contract.